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Whitepaper: New paths for LPG analytics

Our combustion elemental analyzers, offer a new method for LPG analysis that greatly improves the safety in your lab and the quality of your analysis results. The analysis times are also much shorter. Even non-specialist personnel can thus safely and quickly measure liquefied pressurized gases/liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) samples. The method only needs to be integrated once.

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Fundamentals: Halogen Determination

Halogen analysis is essential in environmental monitoring, quality control in the chemical and petrochemical industry, and waste disposal or recycling. Learn more about the basics of halogen determination in our free whitepaper. Topics include an overview of combustion-based digestion and detection methods, the objective of sum parameter analysis in general, sample preparation, and application examples.

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Lab Guide: Sample Preparation

Analytik Jena’s new lab guide helps you master sample preparation for challenging matrices in organic elemental analysis and trace analysis with atomic spectrometry techniques. It covers dilution for liquid and solid samples in organic elemental analysis as well as methods like sample digestion for inorganic analysis. Get in-depth insights into the sample treatment process and step-by-step instructions for different dilution and microwave digestion methods.

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