UVP Inkubator

UVP Incubator Precise temperature control and excellent temperature uniformity

  • Minimal benchtop space
  • Microprocessor controlled for excellent temperature uniformity
  • Reliable sterilization through the use of shortwave (254nm) UV light
  • Three position adjustable shelves

Product Details

The UVP Incubator provides precise temperature control and uniformity for the incubation of biological assays, fungal, bacterial cultures, eggs and other samples up to 68 °C. The instrument is equipped with built-in overhead shortwave 254nm UV tubes for sterilization of the incubation chamber between experiments. By utilizing the germicidal properties of UV light, viable fungi, bacteria and yeast are eliminated; preventing cross contamination between experiments. Furthermore the interior of the instrument is made of stainless steel and easy to clean using non-abrasive mild detergents. Users are protected from UV radiation by the incubator door; the door blocks UV light, preventing UV radiation from passing through. The germicidal lamp will shut off if the door is opened. The instrument is delivered with two shelves made of stainless steel that can be adjusted at three different positions. This flexibility can be used for simultaneous incubation of various samples at different heights.

*Product performance and effectiveness will depends on the user.*

Technical Data

Technical Data






Digital LED

Temperature Range

RT +3 °C to 68 °C

Temperature Sensor

LM345 Integrated Temperature Sensor

Temperature Accuracy

+1 °C

Temperature Uniformity

+0.5 °C to 37 °C

Interior volume

26.9 liters

Average Relative Humidity

~ 80%


Stainless steel


Aluminum powder coated



Exterior W x H x D

44.5 x 43.2 x 35.6 cm

Interior W x H x D

35.6 x 27.2 x 27.7 cm

Dimensions shelves (W x D)

33.8 x 21.6 cm

Construction shelves

Formed stainless steel

Surface area shelves

729.35 cm2

Heating Element

1.250 Watts
3.923,9628779 BTU/h (115 V, 10 A)


21.3 kg

Max. Power Consumption

115 V 60 Hz, 230 V 60 Hz or
110 V 50/60 Hz and 1150 W

Working conditions

5 °C to 40 °C, max. 2.000 m NN

Order Information

Previous description: UI 950

Order numberDescription
95-0358-01   (US)
849-30005-4 (EU)
UVP Incubator, 115 V, US
95-0358-02   (US)
849-30005-2 (EU)
UVP Incubator, 230 V, UK + EU
95-0358-03   (US)
849-30005-5 (EU)
UVP Incubator, 100 V
Optional Accessories
Order numberDescriptionQuantity
53-0178-04   (US)

Key, replacement

34-0007-01   (US)
849-00015-0 (EU)

Tube, 8-watt, 254 nm shortwave germicidal

10-0341-08   (US)
849-30201-0 (EU)
Shelf, stainless steel ventilated1
98-0002-04   (US)
849-20602-0 (EU)
Face Shield, UV blocking (UVC-803)1
97-0015-02   (US)
849-00011-0 (EU)
UVX Radiometer1
97-0016-01   (US)
849-00012-0 (EU)
UVX Sensor (UVX-25)1


Brochure UV Incubator

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Manual UVP Incubator

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