Whitepaper: Fundamentals – Instrumentation and Techniques of Halogen Analysis

To protect the environment and the organisms that live in it, numerous laws and standards regulate the testing of water, soil, and air for halogens or their organically bound forms as sum parameters. Halogen determination is also essential in the context of waste disposal or utilization (incineration, chemical or thermo-chemical recycling) and quality control (esp. in the chemical and petrochemical industry).

Learn more about the basics of halogen determination in "Fundamentals: Instrumentation and Techniques of Halogen Analysis". The document provides an overview of the following topics:

  • Specifics of halogens
  • Overview of combustion-based digestion methods and detection methods
  • Other halogen determination methods
  • Objective of sum parameter analysis in general
  • Sample preparation
  • Application examples

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