Tutorial Videos

ICP Tutorials

Tutorial Cone Exchange – PlasmaQuant MS

Watch our new video on changing cones on a PlasmaQuant® MS ICP-MS. The step-by-step tutorial shows how easy it is to change cones on this ICP-MS instrument: The replacement of cones is a simple maintenance that ensures fast return to operation and thus high productivity and maintaining the exceptional performance of the system. The video furthermore describes how to easily replace extraction lenses.

contrAA 800 – Tutorials

contrAA 800 – Tutorial Lamp Replacement

The unique technology of the contrAA provides significant analytical advantages over the traditional Line-Source AAS. Thanks to the Xenon short arc lamp, that emits a continuous spectrum at high intensity, any element and wavelength can readily be analyzed whenever the requirement occurs.

compEAct – Maintenance Tutorials

Septum replacement

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Maintenance Combustion Tube

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Installation Quartz-Wool

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LS Sampler - Exchange of Septa

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LS Sampler – general maintenance

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multi N/C – Tutorials

Tutorial multi N/C Series – Focus-Radiation-NDIR Detector

The core element of the multi N/C® series models is the new Focus Radiation NDIR Detector equipped with high-quality optics for precise detection of CO2. Energy-rich radiation is focused onto the microdetector with the help of integrated optics. The radiation density obtained in this way surpasses classical detectors many times. This results in higher sensitivity and precision over a wider measurement range.

Liquid Handling Tutorials

Creation of a Method with CyBio SELMA

CyBio SELMA is a semi-automatic pipetting station that can be placed space-saving onto a lab bench due to its compact footprint and design. In this tutorial you will learn how quickly and easily a method can be created on the instrument.

Reformatting with CyBio SELMA

This tutorial shows how to easily perform a reformatting using the pipetting mode "Repeat Dispensing" and the microplate adapter 384. This adapter allows safe and reproducible transfers from a 96 well microplate to the four quadrants of a 384 well microplate. This control panel shows, by means of the green dot, which quadrant is addressed. A sliding mechanism makes it very easy to move the adapter to the next quadrant.

Consumables for CyBio SELMA

CyBio SELMA is a semi-automatic pipetting station that can be placed space-saving onto a lab bench due to its compact footprint and design. This tutorial will show you how to change the tips, the consumables for the instrument and the tip magazines.

Serial Dilution with CyBio SELMA

This tutorial shows how to easily perform serial dilutions using the pipetting mode "Serial Dilution" and an 8-channel magazine for a 96-channel CyBio SELMA. The procedure is the same for a 384 channel CyBio SELMA and a 16-channel magazine.

CyBio Composer Basics

CyBio Composer is the software that is used for the CyBio FeliX or CyBio well vario. This tutorial offers an introduction to the basic features of the software.

APUsim - Tutorials

Tutorial APUsim Installation & Consumable Replacement

Watch this tutorial video to see step-by-step instructions on how to install the APUsim. In the video you will also be able to see instructions on how to replace consumables used with the APUsim such as O-rings and pump tubing.

Thermal cycler tutorials

Biometra TSuite – thermal cycler management made easy

With the Biometra TSuite software, all functions of the thermal cyclers Biometra TOne, Biometra TAdvanced, Biometra TRIO and Biometra TRobot II can be controlled from one computer workplace. Our tutorial guides you through the software's wide range of functions and its intuitive operating concept.

Tutorial videos qPCRsoft 5.0

qPCR template setup

This short video guides you through the seamless setup and initiation of a new qPCR run using qPCRsoft 5.0, a software tailored for Analytik Jena's real-time PCR thermal cycler qTOWER iris.


Melting curve analysis

Discover how to configure a melting curve analysis with clear steps for setup and execution in this concise video tutorial.


Absolute quantification analysis

The focus of this video is on absolute quantification analysis, aiming to determine the concentration of unknown samples relative to amplified standards.


ddCt quantification analysis

This tutorial covers ddCt quantification analysis, which evaluates the impact of treatments on gene expression relative to untreated samples. Results show normalized expression ratios against a non-treated calibrator, standardized to a housekeeping gene.


Genotyping analysis

The focus of this short video is on genotyping analysis, which is utilized, for example, to identify sequence differences between two alleles of a gene.