Accessories for Sum Parameter Analysis TOC/TNb Analysis, AOX Analysis

TOC/TNb Analysis

TOC/TNb analysis in liquid samples

Sampler for multi N/C 3100, UV HS, pharma HT/UV

  • AS 10e – 10 sample vessels
  • AS 21hp – 21 sample vessels
  • AS vario – variable sample racks, up to 146 positions
  • AS vario ER (multi N/C 3100 / UV HS) – with active external needle rinsing for samples with high matrix load
  • EPA sampler – 64 EPA / VOA vials with septum caps

Sampler for multi N/C 2100S

  • AS 60: 60 sample vessels at 8 ml or 112 sample vessels at 2 ml, with homogenization

Accessories for liquid TOC/TNb measurement

  • POC module (multi N/C 3100) – direct measurement of purgeable organic carbon compounds (POC / VOC) in manual or automated mode
  • CLD chemiluminescence detector – TNb determination in liquid samples
  • ChD electrochemical detector (chemo detector) – inexpensive and maintenance-free alternative for TNb determination in liquid samples

Solids module TOC analysis

HT 1300 solids module (multi N/C 2100S, 3100, UV HS):

robust and catalyst-free high-temperature combustion in a ceramic combustion tube at up to 1300 °C for waste, soils, sediments, etc.; solids module also for inhomogeneous samples, using weights of up to 3g*)

Double furnace module (multi N/C 2100S):

liquid and solids analysis with a single furnace, catalytic high-temperature combustion at up to 950°C

Swab test module (multi N/C pharma HT):

for direct swab combustion in TOC cleaning validation for water-insoluble TOC compounds

TIC solids module (multi N/C 2100S, 3100, UV HS):

for direct TIC testing in solids using acidulation

*) The multi EA 4000 with a TIC automatic module is recommended for automated solids TOC analysis.

Accessories for AOX Analysis

AOX Sample Preparation

Analytik Jena’s AOX sample preparation systems minimize downtime while you increase throughput of AOX samples and remain flexible and cost-effective.


ABD – automatic boat drive with cooled sample introduction zone (multi X 2500)

ABD is designed for the automatic introduction of liquids such as EOX extracts, or solid samples such as AOX or derived fuels in horizontal operation.

Autoinjector – for precise manual injection of EOX samples (multi X 2500)

The auto injector is suitable for injection in vertical as well as horizontal operation modes. Standardized filling volumes eliminate subjective faults. The injection speed is remote-controlled by the multiWin software, allowing you to dose samples as accurately as an autosampler.

autoX Samplers (multi X 2500)

The autoX samplers are available in a variety of versions, allowing you to optimally adjust the multi X 2500 to match the requirements of your laboratory operation. The fully automated autoX sampler allows the highest sample throughput yet. From small AOX sample series in vertical mode to multi-matrix variants for vertical and horizontal sample feed in larger AOX sample series, using the column or batch method or EOX samples — the autoX series offers the right sampler for any task.

autoX 36/autoX 36d

The automatic samplers autoX 36, for small AOX sample series in the vertical mode, introduce up to 36 samples, prepared using batch or column method, within one sequence in the instrument. The autoX 36d enables the direct feeding of charcoal into the combustion system by pushing it out of the columns.

autoX 112

The multi matrix sampler autoX 112 allows an extremely high sample throughput in vertical and horizontal modes for large sample series (up to 112 AOX columns!) using both the column method as well as batch method. The charcoal is fed into the combustion system together with the container or directly after pushing it out. The boat inlet for EOX samples in the horizontal mode is also possible. The optional flame sensor technology guarantees a residue-free combustion.


Coulometer cells for extended measurement range (multi X 2500)

  • "high concentration" cell for high concentrations (recommended for TX determination in solids)
  • "high sensitivity" cell for very low Cl concentrations (recommended for EOX determination)

Extension kit for EOX (multi X 2500)

EOX represents the sum of organically bound halogens (chlorine, bromine, iodine) in a water sample or solid sample which can be extracted with a non-polar organic solvent, and are detected after combustion in a stream of argon/oxygen with the aid of argentometric titration.

POX kit (multi X 2500)

POX represents the sum of volatile organically bound halogens (chlorine, bromine, iodine) contained in a water sample, which can be purged in the gas phase under defined conditions with an auxiliary gas (argon), and are detected after combustion in a stream of argon/oxygen with the aid of argentometric titration. 

TOC Module (multi X 2500)

The enhancement of multi X 2500 with the TOC module enables the TOC determination in water samples by catalyst promoted high-temperature combustion – in compliance with international standard methods.