Nucleic Acid Extraction

Customer-oriented Solutions for Nucleic Acid Extraction

Fast and reliable nucleic acid extraction from a vast variety of starting materials - for small, moderate and high numbers of samples.

Extraction Solutions for Every Laboratory

Solutions for Manual Nucleic Acid Extraction

  • Nucleic Acid Extraction based on spin filter columns
  • Manual separation based on magnetic beads for special applications
  • Isolation of high molecular weight DNA/RNA with SmartExtraction technology

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Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction for moderate Sample Throughputs

  • Flexible purification of DNA and/or RNA up to 16 samples parallel
  • Optimized ready-to-use kits for large variety of starting materials
  • Magnetic beads separation or SmartExtraction

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Solutions for High-Throughput Extraction

  • Extraction of DNA and/or RNA up to 96 samples parallel
  • Direct start thanks to optimized, pre-installed protocols
  • For SmartExtraction and magnetic beads separation sowohl für SmartExtraktion als auch Magnetpartikel-Separation
  • Easily integrate your own routines for qPCR sample preparation or dilution

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