multi X 2500 AOX-Analysator

multi X 2500 AOX/TOX analyzer

  • Broad range of applications – AOX, EOX, POX, TOC, TX/TOX
  • Both vertical and horizontal sample feeding in one system
  • High sample throughput and accurate measurement
  • Low operating costs and maintenance effort

Product Details

The all-rounder AOX/TOX instrument for environmental monitoring

In environmental monitoring, as well as in process and quality control, the determination of organic halogens that can be adsorbed by activated charcoal is very important for the evaluation of water and waste water. With the multi X 2500 AOX analyzer, Analytik Jena provides a flexible, future-oriented system for sum parameter analysis that meets the requirements of every modern laboratory.

AOX/TOX/EOX/POX/TX analysis Thanks to the innovative double furnace technology and the proven gas lock for sample introduction the multi X 2500 represents a completely new generation of AOX analyzers.

Double furnace technology The innovative double furnace technology with tilting furnace combines the advantages of both the vertical and horizontal furnace into one AOX analysis system.

High degree of operator convenience due to

  • Very easy handling
  • Plug-and-start technology
  • Significantly reduced maintenance work
  • Intelligent software package multiWin
  • Fast changeover between batch and column method
  • User-friendly design for outstanding ease of use and efficiency
  • High sample throughput in the vertical and horizontal modes


The fully automated multi X 2500 series of samplers is available in a variety of versions and with different capacities.

multi X 2500 Technology Highlights

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AOX sample preparation

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  • Determination of Adsorbable Organic Halogens in Highly Saline Water Samples after Solid Phase Extraction (SPE-AOX)

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  • Linearity test according to DIN EN ISO 9562 (column method)

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  • Linearitätstest für die AOX-Bestimmung nach DIN EN ISO 9562 (Säulenmethode)

    Open application

  • Bestimmung von adsorbierbaren organisch gebundenen Halogenen in stark salzhaltigen Wasserproben nach Festphasenextraktion (SPE-AOX)

    Open application

  • Bestimmung des AOX in Abwasserproben mittels Säulenmethode gemäß DIN EN ISO 9562

    Open application

  • Determination of AOX in Wastewater Samples by Column Method According to DIN EN ISO 9562

    Open application

  • Bestimmung des Parameters AOX in Klärschlamm mittels Schüttelmethode gemäß EN 16166

    Open application

  • Determination of AOX in Sewage Sludge Samples by Batch Method According to EN 16166

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multiWin Software For optimized system performance and simple measurement

The self-explanatory multiWin software guides the user through all relevant menu points. The software immediately indicates errors in the system's configuration and inappropriate parameters, preventing useless results from the outset. multiWin checks the performance of the system and the analysis quality and gives a clear presentation of the measurement results in individual analysis reports and much more. multiWin provides:

  • Free evaluation of sample data even during running measurements
  • Automatic selection of the optimum calculation function
  • Fully automatic set up of calibration curves for various measuring ranges, as well as the possibility of individual recalculation of results
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Extensive user-oriented functions such as multi-point calibration, blank value correction, recalculation of results, free choice of results dimensions, statistical functions
  • Automatic monitoring of maintenance intervals
  • Convenient management and storage of data and parameters
  • Automatic or manual export of various data formats possible



Brochure AOX/TOX/EOX analyzer multi X 2500 (English)

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Flyer APU sim | AOX Sample preparation

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