Total Organic Carbon Analyzers | TOC/TNb Analyzers

The new multi N/C x300 series sets new standards in efficiency, matrix tolerance and the user friendliness of TOC/TNb analysis. Clever design, sophisticated technologies, a modern software interface and diverse automation options ensure smooth workflows, precise results and low overall operating costs. Whether wastewater samples with high levels of particles or ultrapure water, high throughput or specialist applications, solid or liquid samples – you’ll find the device you need in our product range. A modular design means that your device can be configured specifically for your requirements.

High-temperature catalytic combustion or UV digestion?

Devices with high-temperature catalytic combustion offer excellent particle handling and exceptional sensitivity. Our UV devices achieve impressive precision and persulfate-free digestion at the ultra-trace level as well as rapid and complete sample oxidation, even for complex matrices.

Experience spanning decades in the development of analytical equipment and the global support of our successful customers means that we are well versed in the demands of TOC/TNb analysis. Let’s find you the perfect analyzer to lighten the daily workload in your lab.