LabGuide: Sample Preparation Strategies

Dilution and Digestion of Challenging Matrices and Organic Matter

Sample treatment is a crucial step in the analysis process. Unfortunately, the sample preparation step is prone to many errors, which can influence results significantly.

In this Lab Guide we focus on sample preparation for organic elemental analysis and trace analysis with atomic spectrometry techniques. Covered are dilution for liquid and solid samples in organic elemental analysis as well as methods like sample digestion for inorganic analysis. Expect in-depth insights into the sample treatment process and a step-by-step guide for different dilution and microwave digestion methods.

Key learnings:

  • Choosing the right tools and equipment
  • Choosing the right auxiliary materials
  • Choosing of the right sample vessels to keep samples stable
  • Benefits and risks of different sample preparation methods
  • Presentation of common and special applications in detail

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