PlasmaQuant MS ICP-MS tailored to your requirements

  • Sensitive – 1500 Mcps/ppm at <2 % CeO
  • Cost-effective – half the argon consumption
  • Fast – 50 % higher sample throughput
  • Robust – matrix-independent long-term stability
  • Versatile – optimized for research and routine use

Product Details

Faster, more sensitive, less expensive – ICP-MS solutions for modern laboratories

Both research and routine laboratories with the highest efficiency and detection standards benefit from the ICP-MS solutions of the PlasmaQuant MS series in three ways: market-leading sensitivity, the highest sample throughput, and the lowest costs per sample. These three benefits combine to provide a complete package that equips laboratories with great competitive advantages.

Sensitivity and efficiency

The unparalleled level of sensitivity of the PlasmaQuant MS provides you with analytical advantages that are clearly reflected in efficiency and lower costs per sample.

  • Best detection limits
  • High throughput
  • Reduced sample preparation
  • Robust performance
  • Low maintenance requirements

The patented spectrometer design of the ICP-MS systems provide for the lowest detection limits and consistent analytical quality for extremely short integration times and high dilution factors. This ensures high throughput, long-term stability, and reproducible results, while significantly reducing your maintenance costs.

The combination of high sensitivity, high scanning speeds, and short integration times is perfect for laser ablation and single particle analysis. In addition, the outstanding mass separation provides the best conditions for isotope analysis.

Configure your personal ICP-MS

The PlasmaQuant MS series offers four models optimized for individual application requirements. Together with a range of upgrade options and accessories, the systems can be optimally adapted to the respective field of application.

PlasmaQuant MS – Product Animation

The ICP-MS PlasmaQuant MS from Analytik Jena sets standards in ICP-MS performance. Its superior performance is achieved through the synergy of innovative technologies, from the plasma system to the highly efficient, three-dimensional focusing of the ions in the high-resolution quadrupole to the fully digital detection of the ions.

ICP-MS Technology Highlights

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What Our Customers Say

Major Cost Savings for Blumenfield Science

"We chose PlasmaQuant MS because it offers high sensitivity for the identification of metals from a broad spectrum of liquid and solid samples with diverse and complex matrices. An additional factor is the short analysis time. Argon consumption is low compared with other ICP-MS devices, which has led to substantial costs savings for us."

More Testimonials

PlasmaQuant MS series Choose the best model for your needs

PlasmaQuant MS models

ICP-MS for efficient routine analysis

PlasmaQuant MS
The robust system for efficient and stable characterization of high matrix samples:

  • Outstanding plasma robustness for high matrices
  • Minimized drift at changing matrix load
  • Efficient interference management with outstanding ease of use

PlasmaQuant MS Q
The fast system for high-throughput analysis and superior precision for large sample batches:

  • High sensitivity for optimized data acquisition
  • Universal interference management mode
  • 11 orders of dynamic range for full coverage of required concentration range

PlasmaQuant MS Elite models

ICP-MS for demanding material analysis and advanced research

PlasmaQuant MS Elite S
The high sensitivity instrument for routine ultratrace element detection in clean sample matrices:

  • Ultra sensitive and stable performance for best signal-to-noise ratio
  • High ion transmission with full sensitivity control on complete mass range
  • Market leading abundance sensitivity

PlasmaQuant MS Elite
The flexible system with ultimate sensitivity and targeted performance optimization using various accessories for advanced research:

  • Ultimate freedom of optimization through full ion focus control 
  • Shortest dwell time and best mass separation
  • Flexible connection of accessories using two entry ports to the plasma compartment



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Food & Agriculture

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Chemicals & Materials

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  • Determination of Trace Elements in Toys

    Open application

  • Elemental Mapping of Printed Ink Using the J200 Tandem LA - LIBS Instrument in Combination with the PlasmaQuant MS Elite ICP-MS

    Open application

  • Achieving Ultra-Sensitive Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) Analysis with the J200 LA Instrument: A Glass Sample Study

    Open application

Power & Energy

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  • Determination of Trace Elements in Lithium-containing Borated Waters Coming from Nuclear Power Plants

    Open application

Pharma & Life Sciences

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  • BOOSTing limits of detection for chromium and other trace elements in whole blood

    Open application

  • Multi-element Analysis of Biological Materials by ICP-MS using Alkali Dilution

    Open application

  • Iron Isotope Ratios in Human Whole Blood by PlasmaQuant MS

    Open application

  • Elemental impurities in Pharmaceutical Materials according to new ICH Guidelines and USP Chapters <232> and <233>

    Open application

  • Analysis of Low Level Beryllium in Urine Using the PlasmaQuant MS

    Open application

Geology, Mining & Metals

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ASpect MS Software Package

With the intuitive worksheet interface of the ASpect MS software for the ICP mass spectrometers of the PlasmaQuant MS series, you can retrieve all analysis data, mass scan graphs, calibration data, and data logs with a single click of the mouse. Detailed quality assurance protocols guarantee accurate data for reliable analysis. ASpect MS provides compliance support in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Simple to operate thanks to intelligent automation options

  • Set-up and initialization processes
  • Plasma alignment
  • Mass calibration and resolution tests
  • AutoMax for simple method development
  • Integrated aerosol dilution for the online dilution of samples with a high TDS content
  • BOOST technology for high sensitivity in gas mode (interference management)



Other Devices for Elemental Analysis


PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 is an ICP-OES instrument for the elemental analysis of liquid samples.

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contrAA 800

High-performance AAS atomic absorption spectrometer for high-efficiency and high-detection multi-element analysis in routine and research.

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