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Web Seminars

Environmental analysis & monitoring

Discover how you can simplify TOC/TNb environmental analysis by applying modern TOC/TNb analytical solutions. Besides TOC and TNb solutions Analytik Jena is highlighting a variety of other practical solutions for different environmental analysis tasks.

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Analysis of dairy products

In this web seminar Analytik Jena presents a variety of solutions for the chemical and biological analysis of milk and other dairy products. All technologies and methods are suitable for routine analysis in an industrial context as well as for special analysis tasks. 

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Analysis of beverages

In this web seminar Analytik Jena is highlighting analytical methods for the reliable and efficient determination of various elements, elemental species, TOC (Total organic Carbon), CO2 from wine, beer, water and juice samples.

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Analysis & monitoring of oil, gas and petrochemical products

To ensure product quality and process optimization, the determination of elemental impurities is crucial for control labs in refineries and in the production of alternative fuels. Analytik Jena's versatile solutions help you comply with international regulations and improve analysis of petroleum products, natural gas and alternative fuels.

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Creating Value in Downstream

In this web seminar our product specialists present solution strategies for complex application challenges in the downstream oil and gas industry. A special focus is on ICP-OES techniques for the analysis of elemental impurities in fuels like diesel, gasoline or naphta as well as the routine determination of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine in these fuels via elemental analysis.

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Analysis of high-matrix samples with ICP-OES

Trace element analysis of mid-to high-matrix samples is a major concern for many laboratories. Mining samples, high-purity metals, chemicals and petrochemicals or highly contaminated soils and industrial wastewater often require a complex analysis process. In this web seminar, our product expert for ICP-OES presents methods and ways to perform the analysis of high-matrix samples in challenging applications by utilizing a high-resolution ICP-OES.

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From sample to result - be prepared for all eventualities

Planning an experiment in molecular biology is the first step to get usable results. This web seminar helps you to define the individual work steps and to choose the optimal method for your sample volume.

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