AOX, AOF and EOF Sample Preparation Series Take the Fast Lane to Success

  • AOX enrichment acc. column method (e.g. ISO 9562)
  • AOF enrichment acc. column method (DIN 38409-59)
  • Preparation of water samples for EOF determination
  • Robust hardware – minimum maintenance and downtime
  • Application flexibility – easy adaptation to other AOX, AOF (CIC) and fluorine analyzers (HR-CS-MAS, contrAA) for PFAS sum parameter determination
  • Easy operation

Our systems help to minimize unproductive downtime and preparation effort, while increasing your throughput of AOX, AOF and EOF samples and thereby remaining flexible and cost-effective.

The smart way of AOX, AOF and EOF sample preparation

Sample preparation is the bottleneck in AOX, AOF and EOF analysis. There are numerous obstacles that can distort analysis results. Standard-compliant sample preparation is therefore essential to ensure reliable analyses and a time-saving, easy-to-use workflow. Get to know our harmonized concepts of sample preparation and analysis and benefit from the efficiency and versatility our systems offer.

  • Optimum adaptation to your application and throughput demands – semi-automated up to fully-automated workflows
  • Unique efficiency by harmonized sample preparation and combustion systems – allows for up to 112 samples per day
  • Maximized efficiency – preparation of up to 6 samples simultaneously
  • Standard-compliant operation
  • Application versatility – EOF, AOX-SPE, AOF, AOX batch and column method, one, two and three-column methods
  • Wide portfolio of AOX and AOF columns and activated carbon – prefilled disposable columns and re-usable quartz columns
  • Comfortable, easy operation by integrated control – no extra PC required


AOX, AOF and EOF analysis made profitable

Reach a new benchmark in AOX, AOF and EOF analysis efficiency! A wide portfolio of matrix-, application-, and throughput-optimized sample preparation systems allow for maximum throughput at minimum operation effort. Benefit from reduced idle times, robust hardware, and minimum maintenance requirements.

APU 28 series  Smart AOX and AOF sample preparation according to column method

APU 28 connect combines usability and speed in AOX and AOF sample preparation. The touch display offers intuitive operation with minimal effort and reduced programming time for any skill level. Parallel sample enrichment allows you to reduce the preparation time in your lab significantly. The highly durable components guarantee a long service life and enable 24/7 operation.

  • Fast: Automatic enrichment of up to 28 samples
  • Smart: Intuitive operation via touch display
  • Flexible: Wide range of applications – SPE-AOX, AOX and AOF column method

The SPE option is ideal for saline samples. It enables AOX, AOF and SPE sample preparation with one device, significantly simplifying your routine analysis. All APU 28 connect systems can be used with AOX/AOF adsorption columns of other manufacturers. A flexible tray and optimized column holders enable fast and easy processing.

APU sim  Ideal for small sample series

APU sim offers the simultaneous and fast enrichment of up to six AOX or AOF samples using the column method, or semi-automated processing of SPE samples, or preparation of up to 6 water samples for EOF analysis. Designed with three enrichment channels, each channel can be operated and started individually. Sample volume, wash volume, and flow rate are adjusted individually and variably. The system stands out with excellentparticle handling thanks to the large diameters of the hoses and the absence of conventional valve technology.

  • Wide application range – AOX and AOF column method, SPE-AOX or EOF
  • Cost-effective solution for small sample series
  • High throughput speed – up to 6 samples prepared simultaneously
  • Suitable for particle-containing and saline samples
  • Column flexibility – utilization of versatile AOX and AOF column brands and sizes

AFU 3  The versatile all-rounder

The system allows for semi-automated sample preparation of up to three samples according to batch and column method. It’s an effective alternative to classical membrane filtration as using expensive polycarbonate filters is not necessary. Filtration is done directly into a frit container. The system can be extended easily for semi-automated preparation of up to three samples according to column method.

  • AOX sample preparation according to batch and column method
  • Semi-automated enrichment of up to three samples simultaneously
  • Attractive alternative to classic membrane filtration (batch)
  • Easy operation, fast processing without sample loss – pressure-supported filtration (batch)
  • High operational safety – pressure proof sample vessels and protective front cover


AFU 3 Automatic Filtration Unit

The allrounder – semi-automated sample preparation of up to 3 samples according AOX batch or column method. Cost-effective alternative to classic membrane filtration.

Order number: 450-126.971

APU 28 connect S

AOX and AOF sample preparation – take the fast lane to success

Order number: 450-126.984

APU 28 connect SPE

AOX and AOF sample preparation – robust and versatile

Order number: 450-126.985

APU sim Automatic Preparation Unit

The clever one - ideal solution for small sample series.

Order number: 450-900.300

Technical Data

 Dimension (width x depth x height)Space requirement (width x depth x height)
AFU 3 Automatic Filtration Unit
300 mm x 300 mm x 800 mm 
APU sim Automatic Preparation Unit
450 mm x 205 mm x 600 mm470 mm x 230 mm x 620 mm


Order Information

Order number


450-126.971AFU 3 Automatic Filtration Unit
450-126.984APU 28 connect S
450-126.985APU 28 connect SPE
450-900.300APU sim Automatic Preparation Unit



Software The APU series systems are operated with inclusive control unit and easy to understand software.

The operation software is included. The user interface is easy understandable, and intuitive, independant of operators experience level.

APU 28 connect S (450-126.984)YesYes
APU 28 connect SPE (450-126.985)YesYes
APU sim Automatic Preparation Unit (450-900.300)YesYes

Consumables AOX Sample Preparation

Order numberName
402-825.126Aluminum foil rondes , set
402-889.629Aspiration tube assembled
402-889.628Aspiration tube for APU 28
402-889.644Bottom part of column holder for AFU 3
402-950.033Canister for nitrate rinse solution
402-890.707Disposable syringe APU sim
402-889.642Flat gasket for AFU 3 sample preparation
402-950.035Hose kit 28/1 and 28 connect
402-950.036Hose kit APU 28/1 and APU 28 connect
402-890.711Hose set APU sim
402-890.710Luer connection APU sim
402-880.657O-ring for AFU 3 and DF3U
402-890.712O-ring for APU sim
402-880.651Sample vessel with column head for DF3U
402-889.640Sample vessel with column head for AFU 3
402-889.698Sample vessel without screw thread for APU 28
402-889.631Sealing cone, complete
402-890.999Set O-rings Duplex column holder type 1
402-890.998Set O-rings Duplex column holder type 2
402-889.632Set O-rings for sealing cone APU 28
450-VM-AOXSHSet of consumables for batch method
402-890.726Set replacement tube elements for APU sim
402-950.014Tubing kit for APU 28 systems
402-889.802Waste tube APU 28

Columns and Coal

Order numberName
402-810.004Activated carbon for AOX column method
402-880.610Set of 100 disposable tubes for AOX 18 x 6 mm, filled
402-810.025Activated carbon for AOX batch method
402-880.013Quartz container, 18 x 8 mm, thick-walled
402-889.645Quartz container, thin-walled, 18 x 8 mm
402-880.621Set of 100 disposable tubes for AOX, 40 x 9 mm, filled
402-880.609Set of 100 disposable tubes 18 x 8 mm, filled
402-880.607Set of 100 disposable tubes for AOF 18 x 6 mm, filled
402-880.620Set of 100 disposable tubes for AOF, 40 x 9 mm, filled
402-880.615Set of 300 disposable tubes for AOX 18 x 6 mm, filled
402-890.728Set of disposable syringes APU sim

Septa and Sealings

Order numberName
11-815.840O-ring for Luer-adapter column holder


Order numberName
402-890.709Waste hose silicone 8 x 11 mm

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EU Declaration of Conformity APU 28sim

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