UVP- UV-, Weißlicht- und Blaulicht-Transilluminatoren

UVP Benchtop Transilluminators Multi Wavelength Transilluminators (UV, White, & Blue Light)

  • Filter sizes from 15 x 15 cm up to 25 x 26 cm or 20 x 40 cm

  • Exceptionally uniform illumination

  • High-grade filter glass for low background

  • Wide choice of standard and high-performance models


Product Details

UV transilluminators for UV fluorescent stains

UVP UV Transilluminators feature a uniform and bright illumination. The exclusive use of high-grade filter glass provides excellent documentation results with a low background signal. Exceptional illumination uniformity allows for the reliable quantification of electrophoretically separated fluorescent samples.

UVP Transilluminators are equipped with an ultraviolet blocking cover to shield the user from UV radiation. The base features a high-quality, scratch-resistant powder coat. Models include a stainless steel top assembly or powder coat paint.

UVP Benchtop UV Transilluminators
All UVP Benchtop Transilluminators are compact and lightweight. Benchtop models are available in four different variations of UV illumination: an economical Single UV with optional variable intensity (302 nm), 2UV (302 and 365 nm or 254 and 365 nm) or 3UV (254, 302, and 365 nm). Multiple filter sizes are available and may be seen below under Order Information.

The variable intensity models feature:

  • High setting for UV excitation of fluorophores on gels for routine photography. Also excites gels with low sample concentration.
  • Medium intensity for viewing and quick single-band excision.
  • Low setting for positioning and preparation of the gel, excising multiple bands, and focusing for photography.

Transilluminators with exceptionally uniform illumination
UVP FirstLight Transilluminators feature a unique, highly uniform 302 nm UV excitation source for quantitative fluorescent imaging in a wide range of applications.

  • Produces < 5% coefficient of variance (CV) across the full filter area
  • Exceptionally uniform, edge-to-edge illumination
  • Accurate gel to gel comparison
  • Uniformity ensures consistent illumination over the imaging surface, resulting in high quality images
  • Wide range of genomic and proteomic applications, e.g. DNA and protein gel documentation and analysis

The transilluminator achieves accurate and reproducible RNA, DNA and protein results. The illuminator emits 302 nm UV excitation and combined with a patented phosphor coating configuration generates exceptionally uniform UV illumination over each band and lane. Multiple gels may be placed on the surface with assurance of uniformity for each gel.

UVP Transilluminator PLUS -High performance UV transilluminators
All high performance UVP Transilluminator PLUS models include the exclusive 25-watt ultraviolet tubes providing brilliant UV illumination.

  • Deliver high UV output and intensity, no light flicker, fast lamp start-up and reduced electrical consumption
  • Stainless steel frame enables easy cleaning
  • The back-lit UV illumination is further enhanced with long-life filter and uniformity screen
  • UV blocking cover, included with each transilluminator, is adjustable for access to the filter surface

Blue light transilluminators for fluorescent stains
UVP Visi-Blue Transilluminators are an alternative to UV transilluminators as there is no risk of sample damage during illumination. This is important when samples are processed further after gel documentation. User safety when working with blue light transilluminators is guaranteed as there is no risk of UV exposure. Blue light excitation is applicable to fluorescent dyes for nucleic acid or protein stains with excitation wavelengths around 470 nm. Example compatible stains include: SYBR Green, GelGreen, SYBR Safe, SYBR Gold or SYPRO Ruby and GFP stains.

The UVP Visi-Blue Transilluminator is available as a compact 8-watt model or a larger 25-watt model. The amber protective cover blocks blue light transmission, allowing visualization of most samples above 500 nm.

UV-to-blue converter plates
Analytik Jena offers an alternative to a blue light transilluminator in the form of a UVP Visi-Blue Converter Plate which can be placed on top of a UV transilluminator to convert UV light to blue light. Three different sizes of the Visi-Blue converter plate are available. An amber camera filter must be used in order to take images with the UVP Visi-Blue Converter Plate.

White/UV transilluminators
UVP UV/White Light Transilluminators feature dual filters, each 20 cm x 20 cm. These dual filters give the user a choice of UV wavelength (either 302 or 365 nm, or combination 302/365 nm) and white light illumination. The white light illumination can be used for the documentation of all visible colored samples such as silver or Coomassie Blue stained gels as well as for radiographs.

White light transilluminators 
The UVP Visi-White Transilluminators are perfect when documentation of only visible colored samples without the need for any UV light is needed. The UVP Visi-White Transilluminator is a white light transilluminator which provides highly uniform illumination for bright sample images.

UV-to-white light converter plates
Alternatively to the use of a white light transilluminator a UVP Visi-White Converter Plate may be placed on top of a UV transilluminator. The converter plate converts the UV light to visible light and thus economically extends the application scope of all UV transilluminator models to the visualization of colored dyes.

Directory of published research articles can be found here

Technical Data



Compact size with small footprint

Saves bench space

Stainless steel filter frame

Robust and easy to clean for daily routine

Freely adjustable UV protection shield

User UV protection during handling the gel

Lamp control with electronic high-frequency operating system

Flicker-free illumination and extended lamp durability

Quiet, temperature controlled ventilation

Samples are protected from heating

For compatibility of transilluminators with Analytik Jena legacy imaging systems please check this table:

GelStudio SA2,
ChemStudio SA2,
ChemStudio PLUS

(height incl.
protection shield)
H x W x D, cm

Transilluminator version

UVP Transilluminator
with 8 W tubes


13.7 x 35.6 x 27.9

UVP FirstLight® Transilluminator


13.7 x 35.6 x 27.9

UVP Visi-White Transilluminator


10.8 x 33.7 x 24.1

UVP Visi-Blue Transilluminator


13.7 x 35.6 x 27.9

UVP UV/White Transilluminator


14.3 x 48.6 x 33.7

UVP Transilluminator high performance with
25 W tubes


14.3 x 48.6 x 33.7

Order Information

UVP Transilluminators Order Information

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Material Safety Data Sheet for PME free-circulating DNA Kit-IPC16 – MSDS (Englisch)

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Manual UVP White Light Transilluminator

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Manual UVP Transilluminators 1UV, Variable, 2UV, 3UV

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Manual UVP FirstLight Transilluminator

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Manual UVP Visi-Blue Transilluminator

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Manual UVP UV/White Transilluminator

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Brochure-UV Lab Catalog

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