Web Seminar: From Feed Stock Material to Final Product

Web Seminar: From Feed Stock Material to Final Product Combustion Elemental Analysis in Oil and Gas Industry and Petrochemical Applications

Content and goals of the Web Seminar

Duration: ~30 min
Language: English

Speaker: Dr. Angela Gröbel - Senior Product Manager

To ensure product quality, to allow for process optimization, and to prevent risks from the initial stage of processing, the determination of nitrogen, sulfur, and chlorine impurities is crucial for control labs in refineries and production of alternative fuels, or the petrochemical industry. Analytik Jena's versatile application solutions enable you to easily comply with industry relevant regulations while overcome analytical challenges.

We help you to boost your analysis quality and sample throughput with minimum effort.

Learn more about our strategies for:

  • EPA 9076, UOP 779 Total Chlorine in Feedstock Materials and Derived Fuels
  • ASTM D5762 Total Nitrogen in Residues and Heavy Petroleum Products
  • ASTM D5453 Total Sulfur Over a Wide Matrix and Concentration Range
  • ISO 20846 Interference-free Sulfur Determination in Automotive Fuels with High Nitrogen Additives
  • ASTM D6667, ASTM D7551 Total Volatile Sulfur in Gaseous Hydrocarbons, LPG, and NG
  • ASTM D7183 Ultra-low Sulfur in Very Light Volatile Hydrocarbons