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The requirements, needs, and wishes of our customers serve us as a compass for our business activities. Whether in the further development of the product portfolio, questions of strategic orientation, or regarding service and support services, the satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority. We provide our customers with our user knowledge wherever they need it. And we learn from them as well. A win-win situation!

Minerva Biolabs relies on the InnuPure C16 automated extraction system

"We have been using the InnuPure C 16 for a great variety of samples, and we can confirm consistently high isolation rates of DNA. The device has proven to be robust, even in continuous operation. Since we put it in practice, we have hardly ever used manual methods”, said Dr. Dirk Vollenbroich, CEO of Minerva Biolabs, a leading biotechnology company for the development and marketing of detection and elimination kits.

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ICP-MS for research purposes at the University of Münster

The Analytical Chemistry working group of the University of Münster works in the area of the development and application of new analytical methods for the identification of substances of pharmaceutical and biomedical significance. Coupling techniques consisting of various components are employed in this area. A major element in this context is ICP-MS technology.

Ultra-trace analysis of Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Chlorine at the Dow Chemical Company

"Each sample is completely combusted and free of residue. This is the best basis for reliable measurement results. And at the same time, we save money in the development of methods as the flame sensor makes it possible for each sample, in various volumes, to be oxidized quickly and simply without knowing its exact combustion characteristics," explains Peter Frenzel, Site Analytical Leader and Quality Manager at Dow.

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Pimenta do Vale achieves best detection limits with ICP-MS

Pimenta do Vale specializes in water and food analytics. The Portuguese laboratory has switched from AAS to ICP-MS; by opting for this technology from Analytik Jena, they have chosen a device with the highest sensitivity on the market, lower detection limits, half as much argon consumption, and excellent long-term stability for difficult samples. 

Major cost savings for Blumenfield Science

"We chose PlasmaQuant MS because it offers high sensitivity for the identification of metals from a broad spectrum of liquid and solid samples with diverse and complex matrices. An additional factor is the short analysis time. Argon consumption is low compared with other ICP-MS devices, which has led to substantial costs savings for us."

TOC analysis of wastewater at the Dow Chemical Company

"The multi N/C 3100 is well suited for the analysis of all kinds of water – from ultrapure and drinking water through to industrial waste water. This is not a great challenge for the instrument even if the water samples have a high level of salt or particles. The instrument is robust and holds up to everyday use," says Dr. Ralph Zimmer, Lead Analytical Manager Dow Böhlen. It all began with a leap of faith: When Dow placed its first order with Analytik Jena before the turn of the century, Analytik Jena had just begun to gain traction in its first markets. Now Dow Group makes use of analytical measuring technology from Jena at their sites all around the world.


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