An Isotope to save the Day During nuclear power plant emergencies, boric acid can prevent nuclear chain reactions – if the concentration is just right. The contrAA 800 determines whether this is the case.

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Analytik Jena representatives worked with dealers in Russia from 2000 until 2007, when the company’s office grew to comprise a team of four specialists. The Moscow-based team is now responsible for the vast CIS region, networking closely with dealers in over 10 countries.

During nuclear power plant emergencies, boric acid can prevent nuclear chain reactions – if the concentration is just right. The contrAA 800 determines whether this is the case.


Nuclear power plants are a reality all across the world. And the risks they pose are indeed universal. But now, as Marina Mukhina, Analytik Jena Regional Manager responsible for Russia and the CIS region, explained: "We have developed a method that can help prevent nuclear chain reactions."


Boric acid is one of the main chemicals used to ensure safety in twocircuit nuclear power plants. The boron-10 (10B) isotope is able to stop atomic chain reactions by absorbing thermal neutrons, while the boron-11 isotope (11B) is not. There needs to be a sufficient quantity of boron-10 present in order to prevent catastrophe, and it is therefore of vital importance that the ratio of the two isotopes is determined with accuracy.

Analyzing which boron isotope is prevalent and whether enough boron-10 is on hand is a complex task – but one that Analytik Jena’s unique contrAA 800 instrument is perfectly suited to carry out. It involves the use of both innovative new approaches as well as tried-and-tested methods.

Over the past ten years, Analytik Jena in Russia has worked together with Nevalab of St. Petersburg, a provider of lab equipment for the energy industry, to develop a method that can determine the intensity ratio between the two isotopes using atomic spectrometry. The contrAA 800 provides more sensitive and accurate measurement results than previously used methods that were more expensive and involved greater technical intricacy. Marina Mukhina explained that the process is well suited for use in nuclear power plants all across the globe: “It is our hope that this will take off from Russia and be adopted worldwide. Nuclear power plant safety should never be placed in jeopardy.” Mukhina added: “We are often unaware of the treasures that our instruments have in store for us. This example depicts this particularly well. Just as the idea of controlling the risks of atomic power using the contrAA 800 may seem obvious to us now, I’m certain that there are similarly significant applications that we aren’t aware of yet.”

»We are often not aware of the treasures that our instruments have in store for us.«

Marina Mukhina, Regional Manager RF&CIS

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Elena Kuderova

Order Handling Assistant, Moscow

Workwise, I’m in my element …
… when I’m able to communicate with people in different countries. I’ve been with Analytik Jena for 14 years, and we deal with people in all the countries of the former USSR. I find the range of different mentalities to be very interesting. I think I can get along well with diff erent people. It helps me very much in my work.

Privately, I’m in my element …
… when I get to do my embroidery, using diffe ent techniques from different traditions. I can say I’m good at timeconsuming and fiddly types of work, whether at my job or in my other activities.

For the anniversary …
… Bliny (pancakes) with red caviar, which is a traditional Russian meal.

Vyacheslav Murdakov

Technical Specialist, Moscow

Workwise, I’m in my element …
… when I, as a chemical engineer, get to work with the most advanced technologies in the field, finding the best options for our customers. And I’m grateful for the support I receive from my Jena colleagues.

Privately, I’m in my element …
… when I have time to read. I’m interested in anything that has to do with space, astronomy, and galaxies, both in fiction and nonfiction.

For the anniversary …
… Since I love Russia, my favorite element has to be ruthenium, and as a national specialty, I’d have to bring some vodka, of course.

Marina Mukhina

Regional Manager RF&CIS, Moscow

Workwise, I’m in my element …
… when all the gears are in place and our network is running smoothly. I take pleasure from communicating well together and moving forward with our common ideas.

Privately, I’m in my element …
… when I get to paint. And it’s even related to chemistry because pigments are all chemical compounds. Multivalent elements such as cadmium can provide a lot of colors, depending on the metal valence in the oxides, which are the main ingredient in pigments. The mixing of colors offers great potential both in painting and in life.

For the anniversary …
… As a member of an artists’ association, I presented the company with my own painting as a gift for its 25th anniversary. This anniversary is a good time to present a new one.

Yuri Martyshev

Service Manager, St. Petersburg

Workwise, I’m in my element …
… when I communicate with our customers and use my knowledge and skills to give them qualified technical support. I take pleasure from finding optimal solutions together with my colleagues.

Privately, I’m in my element …
… when I have time to travel in the great outdoors and discover new natural wonders.

For the anniversary …
… Russia is a country with a variety of traditions and natural surroundings. I’d like to present some of these traditions and some of my country’s natural beauty, and bring traditional drinks from Russia.

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