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Tips for CyBio Well vario and CyBio Well High throughput screening proven tip sealing technology

Product Details

CyBio TipTrays are designed, manufactured and quality inspected with respect to automation requirements, in turn permitting unattended, precise and highly reproducible sample processing.

Customer-specifically racked CyBio TipTrays allow for excluding a user-defined number of tips from the pipetting process. The layout of pipetting tips can be chosen freely to achieve exceptional pipetting patterns.

  • CyBio TipTrays offer High Throughput Screening proven Tip Sealing Technology
  • Several tip types with and without filter cover a volume range from 0.2 µl to 250 µl



For more information about technical data, see the applications and specifications for the CyBio Well and CyBio Well vario pipetting robots.

Technical Data

Tips for CyBio Well vario and CyBio Well
Tip TypeTip FormatQuality
  • 250 μl DW
  • 250 μl SW
  • 60 μl
  • 25 μl
  • 10 μl
  • 96
  • 384
  • Standard
  • PCR-certified, pre-sterilized
  • PCR-certified, pre-sterilized, filter



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The 96, 384, and 1536 channel simultaneous pipettor, CyBio Well vario, includes an automated base which accepts different interchangeable simultaneous pipetting heads. The heads can be changed quickly and easily either at the front or the back of the instrument. No calibration is needed after head exchanges. A working volume range of four orders of magnitude allows liquid transfers from 25 nl up to 250 µl on one platform, either with 96 or 384 disposable tips. The CyBio Well vario easily adapts into any screening environment and is compatible with all other accessories of the CyBio Well family.

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