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multi N/C Series Reliable TOC/TNb analysis

  • Powerful TC, TIC, TOC, NPOC, TNb etc. even in complicated matrices

  • Standard compliance  EN 1484, EN 12260, EN 15936, ISO 20236

  • Reliable maximum operational safety and long-term warranties

  • Efficient long-term stable calibration

Product Details

TOC and TNb analysis for each application

From surface and waste water investigations in the environmental sector, to high-purity water in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industry – our multi N/C instruments offer you customized solutions for reliable TOC/TNb measurements in your field of application. When it comes to difficult sample matrices, the multi N/C series excels due to their reliability and ease of maintenance. With the new multi N/C duo systems, we now also offer combined analytical instruments for fully automated liquid and solid TOC analysis.

The multi N/C series complies with FDA/GMP guidelines. The devices guarantee maximum operating time and low running costs. Analytik Jena offers a ten-year warranty on the NDIR detector and on the furnace technology of combustion-based multi N/C models, and a three-year warranty on the UV reactor for UV-based multi N/C models.

Sophisticated technologies for your TOC and TNb analysis requirements

At the heart of each model in the multi N/C series is the corrosion-free Focus-Radiation NDIR detector. Across a measuring range from 0 to 30,000 mg/L TOC, it achieves the highest sensitivity and precision without sample dilution. The VITA flow management system effectively compensates for carrier gas fluctuations and the EasyCal feature enables automatic and long-term stable calibration.

Two sample digestion methods are available for TOC measurement: high-temperature combustion up to 950 °C and wet chemical UV oxidation. The high-power long-life UV reactor uses two wavelengths (185/254 nm) for complete oxidation, enabling blank value-free analysis without oxidizing agents. Furthermore, numerous liquid and solid automation options, nitrogen detectors, and solid modules are available.

multi N/C series & multi N/C pharma series Choose the TOC/TNb analyzer for your requirements

multi N/C 3100

The all-rounder for the high-throughput laboratory

High temperature combustion and flow injection technology with parallel purge for fast NPOC.

multi N/C 2100S

Compact and universal, also for small sample volumes

Valve-free direct injection technology for carryover-free work with high-temperature combustion.

multi N/C UV HS

Extremely effective even with complicated matrices

Fast UV oxidation for analyses where combustion equipment reaches its limits.

multi N/C pharma HT

Highly sensitive TOC/TN trace analysis with catalytic high-temperature combustion

Highest precision in the ultratrace area due to high injection volumes.
Upgrade for direct swab combustion for TOC cleaning validation.

multi N/C pharma UV

Highly sensitive TOC trace analysis by wet chemical UV digestion

Lowest operating costs – no catalyst or combustion tube, no additional reagents
Extension of the TOC working range to up to 10,000 ppm by means of an oxidation reagent that can be easily produced by the user

multi N/C 3100 pharma

High throughput TOC/ TN trace analysis in a wide concentration range with catalytic high-temperature combustion

Highest sample throughput due to parallel purge and measurement.
Highest level of automation with automatic sample acidification and effective reverse rinse function to prevent sample carryover during concentration changes.

multi N/C 2100S pharma

Total protein analysis by catalytic high-temperature combustion and CLD detection

Septum-free direct injection method by microliter syringe for working without carry-over.
High degree of automation for large sample sequences (using HPLC vials).
Unattended 24/7 operation thanks to self-check system.

multi N/C 2100S duo

Robust automation – whether solid or liquid samples

The robust routine analyzer based on high-temperature combustion with septum-free injection technology is ideal for particle- or oil-containing water samples as well as very small sample volumes.
It offers a high degree of automation for both water and solids analysis.

multi N/C 3100 duo

Highest sample throughput – whether liquid or solid samples

The fast all-rounder for all samples thanks to a combination of catalytic high-temperature combustion and flow injection with intelligent rinsing and injection technology for particulate water samples.
Highest sample throughput by parallel purge and analyzing in liquid mode and low sample preparation effort for solids.

Industry solutions

Carbon and Nitrogen Analyzers - multi N/C series

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multi N/C pharma series – tailor-made solutions for your pharma-specific TOC analysis

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What Our Customers Say

Easy maintenance, high throughput with NPOC

“The equipment can be very easily maintained, and maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum. Through the automatic acidification function, 40 or more samples can be acidified at once to perform analysis using the NPOC method.“

Da-Ae Choi, Senior Researcher at Seongnam Water Restoration Center, Korea 



"This instrument is robust – a real lab routine mainstay"

"The instrument is ideally suited for the analysis of all types of water – from ultrapure and drinking water to industrial waste water. The multi N/C 3100 is robust and a real lab routine mainstay. The short reaction times and the excellent cooperation with regular representatives are not only of assistance to my laboratory, but to me personally as well."

Dr. Ralph Zimmer, Lead Analytical Manager Dow Böhlen#

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  • TOC System Suitability Test – Redefined According to New USP Regulations

    Open application

  • Total Protein Determination in Pharmaceutical Products (Vaccines) by TNb Analysis with multi N/C 2100S pharma

    Open application

  • Cleaning Validation Procedures in Pharmaceutical Industry by TOC Analysis

    Open application

  • Establishing Extractables Testing from Plastic Packaging Materials and Systems for Pharmaceutical Use by TOC Analysis According to USP 661

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  • TOC Performance Test as per Japanese Pharmcopoeia

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multiWin Software

The intuitive multiWin software monitors and controls all important system parameters and provides a clear display of the measurement results. Available in many languages including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian…

Overview of features

  • Multipoint calibration with a single standard, blank value correction, result recalculation, and other functions
  • Automatic monitoring of maintenance intervals, gas flows and pressures, temperatures and detector status (Self-Check-System)
  • Convenient management and storage of measurement data and parameters
  • Automatic or manual data export (LIMS, CSV, PDF)

multi N/C pharma

  • Data integrity requirements in accordance with FDA 21 CFR part 11
  • User management; audit trail; and authorization of methods, calibrations and analysis results via electronic signatures
  • IQ, OQ, and PQ documents optimized for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Software validation certificates and SST report functions



Brochure multi N/C (English)

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Brochure multi N/C pharma (English)

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multi N/C Series – Find the Right TOC Analyzer for Your Needs (Englisch)

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TechNote multiNC FR-NDIR Detector (English)

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Other Devices for TOC Analysis

multi EA 4000 offers precise environmental analysis and macro elemental analysis. It guarantees you the fully automated determination of the parameters TS , TC, TOC, TIC, EC, OC and BOC in inorganic and organic solids.

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