UVP BioSpectrum Advanced All-In-One Bioimaging System Chemiluminescence, Fluorescence, Bioluminescence

  • Two high performance cooled camera options

  • Illumination sources – overhead laser bars in RGBW, NIR, and violet (405nm)

  • Motorized lift for sample magnification range

  • Included warming plate or UV transilluminator 

  • VisionWorks software for one-click workflows

Product details

The all-in-one imager for any imaging application. From gel analysis and documentation to in vivo fluorescence and bioluminescence animal imaging, the UVP Biospectrum Advanced does it all.

The UVP BioSpectrum Advanced is an all in-one BioImaging system with in vivo imaging capabilities for sample documentation and analysis, including in vivo animal imaging, plant imaging, chemiluminescence, NIR, and fluorescence. This all-in-one system is perfect for any lab within research institutions, medical facilities, academic research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, amongst others.

The UVP BioSpectrum Advanced comes with a choice of deeply-cooled CCD camera sensors capable of imaging fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and bioluminescence. The system features extended NIR, violet (405nm), red, green, and blue laser bars, white epi (overhead) illumination, motorized platform lift and filter wheel, and automated lens. Add a sample warming plate, UV light transilluminator, or blue light transilluminator to fit your specific application needs.

  • Camera: Choose between two deeply cooled camera options, including a 6.1MP fluorescence-focused sensor and a 1.05 MP fluorescence/bioluminescence-focused sensor
  • Illumination: Fully loaded with overhead laser bars in blue, green, red, NIR, violet (405nm) and white light
  • Filter Wheel: 6-position automated filter wheel on a convenient slide-out tray; RFID-tagged filters for automatic software detection
  • Motorized Lift: Quickly adjust the motorized platform tray height to the desired position for optimized image capture
  • VisionWorks® Software: Powerful VisionWorks software allows flexibility of creating custom one-touch workflows or using preinstalled one-touch application templates
  • Free application training available with each purchase
  • Choice of warming plate, UVP UV light transilluminator, or UVP Visi-Blue transilluminator
  • Optional accessories available for purchase include UVP Anesthesia Kit, white and blue converter plates, and 3D animal imaging modules

VisionWorks Intuitive Acquisition and Analysis Software

The UVP BioSpectrum Advanced is operated by VisionWorks software with robust image capture, quantitation, and analysis capabilities.

Automation based on applications
Application-based template icons come preset and preloaded for common experiments in chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and visible fluorescence.

One-touch workflows for drastically improved laboratory efficiency
For more complex application workflows, one-touch Action Templates are used to automate several workflow actions into a single touch. Additionally, user accounts can easily be set up with passwords to save and protect user data.

3D in vivo imaging modules
Take your imaging to the next level with 3D modules, developed by InVivo Analytics which allow for 3D modeling of bioluminescent in vivo models. This useful tool is applicable for a wide variety of in vivo applications, including small animal imaging.

Extensive image enhancement and analysis tools
Image enhancement and analysis features are included with all systems. Researchers can personalize their experiments and make use of enhancement and annotation tools, including for publication purposes. The software offers many powerful tools such as noise reduction, background subtraction, inversion, pseudocolor, compositing, and more. Extensive analysis features are optimized for accurate and reproducible results. Several custom tools are available as well, such as finding lanes and bands, 1D analysis, area density, and colony counting. Once the quantitation results have been generated, reports are created to show
thorough analysis, such as Molecular Weight (MW), Rf, band intensities, and area density calculations. All data can be conveniently exported to Excel.

Technical Data

Specifications / FeaturesUVP BioSpectrum Advanced
Camera/Lens695 Camera
  • Camera Resolution: 6 MP
  • Pixel Resolution: 2750 x 2200
  • Gray Scales: 65,536
  • Cooling from Ambient: -57°C
  • Fixed focal length 25mm f/0.95, ultra-low light lens
  • Field of View: Up to 29.5 x 24.5cm; variable with lift
  • Sensor: CCD
  • Sensor Bit Depth (A/D): 16 bit
900 Camera
  • Camera Resolution: 1.05 MP
  • Pixel Resolution: 1024 x 1024
  • Gray Scales: 65,536
  • Cooling from Ambient: -100°C (As minimum)
  • Fixed focal length 25mm f/0.95, ultra-low light lens
  • Field of View: Up to 33.5 x 32cm; variable with lift
  • Sensor: CCD
  • Sensor Bit Depth (A/D): 16 bit
Darkroom features
  • 6-position automated filter wheel on slide-out tray (with RFID-based auto filter detection)
  • Overhead white light LED
  • Laser bars in violet (405 nm), blue (480 nm), green (520 nm), red/NIR1 (650 nm), and NIR2 (780 nm)
  • Fully automated filter wheel and illumination control through included VisionWorks software
  • Motorized lift with position repeatability within 0.1”
Acessories Included
  • GFP and RFP emission filters (included with in vivo configuration) or EtBr emission filter (included with fluorescence/chemiluminescence configuration)
  • Warming plate for 1 to 10 mice (included with in vivo configuration) or UVP Transilluminator, 302 nm (included with fluorescence/chemiluminescence configuration)
  • VisionWorks Software for image capture, enhancement and analysis (unlimited licenses)
  • Flash drive with VisionWorks Software (license-free)
  • Empty flash drive for data and image storage
Dimensions W x D x H24.5 x 18.2 x 36 inches (62.3 x 46.3 x 91.5 cm)
Weight170 lbs. (78 kg.)
Network capabilityWireless network capability included; wired-to-ethernet networking module available

Order Information

Order numberDescription
100-120 V230 VModel
849-97-0945-01849-97-0945-02UVP BioSpectrum Advanced, In Vivo 695; includes small animal warming plate and GFP/RFP filter set
849-97-0945-03849-97-0945-04UVP BioSpectrum Advanced, Chemiluminescence/Fluorescence 695; includes 302nm (25x26cm) UV transilluminator and Ethidium Bromide emission filter
849-97-0946-01849-97-0946-02UVP BioSpectrum Advanced, In Vivo 900; includes small animal warming plate and GFP/RFP filter set
38-0191-04UVP Visi-White Converter Plate, 25 x 26cm
38-0200-01UVP Visi-Blue Converter Plate, 25 x 26cm
38-0340-06Emission filter 513 - 557 nm: Cy2®, FITC, FAM™, GFP, SYBR® Green, SYBR® Gold
38-0344-06Emission filter 565 – 625 nm: SYPRO Ruby, SYPRO Orange
38-0220-06Emission filter 575 – 640 nm: Ethidium Bromide, RFP, Deep Purple
38-0369-06Emission filter 707 – 752 nm: Alexa Fluor, RedDot1, RedDot2, IRDye, Cy5
38-0369-07Emission filter 607 – 682 nm: SYPRO Tangerine, SYPRO Red, Texas




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AppNote - BioSpectrum Advanced - Emission of Luciferase in Stem and Flower of Tobacco

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AppNote - BioSpectrum Advanced - Visualizing Bacterial Luciferase αβ Protein

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AppNote_Biospectrum Advanced - Visualizing Chemiluminescence

Application Note

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Appnote - UVP BioSpectrum Advanced-Non-invasive Fluorescence Imaging of Breast Cancer Metastasis to the Brain in an Orthotopic Nude-mouse Model

Application Note

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Filter Selection Chart for Studio Systems

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