High-performance ICP-OES Innovative solutions, setting new standards in the analytical performance of ICP-OES

  • Sensitive
  • Innovative
  • Cost-efficient

High sensitivity – high-resolution optics

The unparalleled resolution of the high-resolution optics provided by the PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 series guarantees an unsurpassed level of sensitivity for real sample matrices. The echelle spectrometer design consisting of a powerful double monochromator with prism and grating, in combination with the latest generation of high-resolution (HR) CCD detector, provides for a spectral resolution of 2 pm at 200 nm on the PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 Elite. The most sensitive emission lines can then be detected without interference in almost any sample, with detection limits extending far into the ppt range. A full wavelength range spanning from 160 to 900 nm provides access to more than 43,000 emission lines with a singular wavelength accuracy of less than 0.4 pm, thanks to fully automatic neon correction.

  • The highest flexibility through the largest selection of emissions lines
  • The greatest accuracy thanks to interference-free analysis
  • The lowest detection limits in real samples for superlative method robustness

Excellent plasma performance – V Shuttle Torch

The vertical configuration of the V Shuttle Torch provides for trouble-free and deposit-free plasma performance for all sample matrices - with minimal wet chemical sample pre-dilution and easy handling.
The compact but fully dismountable shuttle design with its internal gas connections allows for the easy plug-and-play installation of torch tubes/injectors, increases stand-by readiness and makes method changes easier. The precise self-adjustment of the V Shuttle Torch allows for measurements to be easily reproduced. 

  • Unsurpassed level of user-friendliness in daily use
  • Exceptional tolerance for high matrix loads
  • Reduction of maintenance needs and costs 
  • Increase in productivity

High efficiency – Dual View PLUS

The Dual View PLUS allows for the determination of both low ppb traces as well as high percentage concentrations for any sample type, thanks to four complementary plasma observation modes. In addition to axial and radial plasma observation, the sensitivity of each emission line can be further adjusted by automatically reducing the signal intensity in axial PLUS and radial PLUS modes. This not only increases the flexibility and robustness of the methods but also their efficiency. 
An innovative argon-neutral counter gas technology ensures the high transparency of the analytical beam path while bringing about excellent signal stability and sensitivity at high cost efficiency.

  • Best plasma observation for all elements and concentrations 
  • Broadest linear working range of any ICP-OES 
  • Unique sensitivity thanks to argon-neutral counter gas technology
  • Increased productivity across all applications

The greatest efficacy with the High-Frequency Generator

The free-running 40 MHz RF generator produces plasma of extraordinary robustness and length of analytical zone, all with a freely selectable power input of 700 to 1700 W. Thanks to its high-power settings, you can even analyze tricky matrices, such as brines and volatile organic solvents, directly and without interference. 
Consistent plasma conditions and the unparalleled long-term stability of all emission lines with a minimal intensity drift over the course of a working day as well as RSD values of 1 % for common sample matrices add to both the precision and especially the efficacy of your ICP-OES routines.

  • Highest matrix tolerance for improved application potential 
  • Easy to use with exceptional method flexibility 
  • Excellent RSD values with minimum effort 
  • Shift operation with uncompromising precision