Web Seminar Workflow Automation - Find a Solution

Contents & goals of the web seminar

Duration: ~25 min
Language: English

The automation of liquid handling and laboratory processes will become more and more important for facing the challenges of today's laboratory's. With respect to the raising number of samples and requirements, customers are faced with a lot of questions and challenges when deciding for automating their workflows. Important aspects are the budget, lab space, number of samples, the so called "walk-away-time" and the reduction of human prone errors, to name here a few.

In this web seminar you will learn how we handle these challenges during the consulting respectively the "requirement specification phase" and how we answer the most important questions beforehand. We will discuss the transition from the customer expectation to an automated workflow solution which ideally fits the customer needs. You’ll receive comprehensive insights in how to deal with circumstances occurring during the whole decision process. Furthermore we will show you some examples how we as Analytik Jena realized such customer projects.

  • What considerations needs to be done before a lab process should be automated
  • What are the main steps during the decision and requirement specification process
  • Advantages of automated liquid handling and laboratory workflows

Target group: Users looking to automate their laboratory processes from the low to the medium to the high throughput