innuMix qPCR SyGreen Sensitive

innuMix qPCR SyGreen Sensitive

Optimal for real-time PCR with an intercalating fluorophore

Product Details

  • Concentration: 2x MasterMix
  • High-fidelity combined with improved specificity of Hot-start DNA Polymerase
  • Includes highest quality dNTP's in 2x Formation
  • Very high specificity and PCR efficiency
  • Non-PCR inhibiting intercalating dye
  • The MasterMix is compatible with most real-time PCR instruments - standard and fast cycling conditions
  • Perfectly suitable for low copy number targets, G/C rich sequences and targets with an amplification longer than 300 bp

The innuMIX qPCR MasterMix SyGreen Sensitive was developed for fast, highly reproducible real-time PCR and validated on the most popular real-time PCR devices for low-ROX and no-ROX. The innuMIX qPCR MasterMix SyGreen uses a proprietary intercalating dye, which does not inhibit PCR. The MasterMix can be used to quantify any DNA template including genomic, cDNA and viral sequences. The proprietary technology prevents formation of primer dimers and non-specific products leading to improved reaction sensitivity and specificity.

Order information

Order numberQuantity
845-AS-1310100100 reactions
845-AS-1310200200 reactions
845-AS-1310500500 reactions

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