nnuDETECT Species ID Assays

innuDETECT Species ID Assays

Product line of molecular diagnostic test systems for animal species identification (e.g. pork, beef, horse) in DNA eluates

Product Details

  • Verified for application following manual or automated nucleic acid extraction from diverse food matrices
  • Lyophilized reagents for easy PCR set up, to minimize errors, for improved efficiency and to save time
  • Outstanding sensitivity of 1 pg DNA/PCR reaction
  • Fast analysis due to optimized PCR chemistry: assay time 1 h

Assurance of optimal food quality and meeting international standards are important challenges in the food industry. This includes identification of undeclared ingredients of animal origin. Reliable, precise and fast approaches such as Real-Time PCR are increasingly important within this area. The innuDETECT Species ID Assays are a novel TaqMan®-based product line enabling a highly-sensitive analysis of e.g. pork, beef, donkey, goat, chicken, turkey and fish DNA.The assays use the FAM channel for specific detection of the target DNA and also have an artificial internal control (IC), which can be used both as an extraction and as an amplification control and is detected in the HEX channel. A universal set-up of these kits in combination with uniform PCR protocols allows simultaneous examination of several targets with different innuDETECT Species ID assays. 


Starting Material

Total DNA isolated from:

  • Meat and sausage products
  • Dairy products
  • Gummy bears
  • Ready-made meals

Detection Time

1 h


1 pg DNA/PCR Reaction 

Order Information

Order information          Quantity    
845-IDF-0010024innuDETECT Pork Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-001009696 reactions
845-IDF-0020024innuDETECT Beef Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0020096 96 reactions
845-IDF-0030024innuDETECT Horse Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-003009696 reactions
845-IDF-0040024innuDETECT Goat Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0040096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0050024innuDETECT Sheep Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0050096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0060024innuDETECT Chicken Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-006009696 reactions
845-IDF-0070024innuDETECT Turkey Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0070096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0080024innuDETECT Donkey Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-008009696 reactions
845-IDF-0090024innuDETECT Mammal &
Bird Assay
24 reactions
845-IDF-0090096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0100024innuDETECT Fish Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0100096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0110024innuDETECT Cheese Assay
(Three tube duplex for beef, sheep and goat)
24 reactions
845-IDF-011009696 reactions

innuDETECT Halal Assay
(3 tube duplex for pork, horse and donkey)

24 reactions
845-IDF-012009696 reactions
845-IDF-0130024innuDETECT Halal Multiplex Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-013009696 reactions


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