Analytik Jena Presents the APU 28 connect for Quick and Easy AOX Sample Preparation

Tue 21 Jun, 2022

Analytik Jena Presents the APU 28 connect for Quick and Easy AOX Sample Preparation

Jena, 21. June, 2022 – Analytik Jena presents a further development in their APU 28 series for automated AOX sample preparation (AOX – Adsorbable Organic Halides) with the APU 28 connect. The various APU 28 connect models are capable of enriching 28 different samples sequentially or in parallel using the AOX column method, halving preparation time for laboratories. Even fully automated SPE-AOX enrichment is significantly simplified. This new sample preparation system makes it possible for the first time to have a mix of SPE-AOX and standard AOX samples in one sequence. The APU 28 connect is also designed throughout for ease of use. Bluetooth functionalities enable remote access from anywhere in the laboratory and the touch display renders operation far easier for the users. 

“The APU 28 connect eliminates the frustration previously associated with AOX sample preparation,” says Dr. Angela Gröbel, Product Manager for Elemental Analysis at Analytik Jena. “This, combined with our powerful AOX analyzers, allows us to set a new benchmark for AOX analysis efficiency.” 

“Mixing both SPE-AOX and standard AOX samples in one sequence is an absolute world premiere. This will significantly simplify AOX routine analysis in future,” adds Dr. Christian Koch, Product Specialist for AOX and TOC Analyzers at Analytik Jena. 

Sample preparation is the bottleneck in AOX analysis. There are numerous obstacles that can distort analysis results. For instance, the chloride already present in algae and microorganisms, or high salt levels in the samples, can lead to false-high values or scattered measurements. Standards-compliant sample preparation is therefore vital for reliable analyses. Laboratories invest a lot of time and personnel for adequate AOX sample preparation – a huge cost factor when looking at the considerable number of water and wastewater samples that routinely need investigating every day. The APU 28 connect makes AOX sample preparation profitable as it combines standard-compliant methods, automation and ease of use.  

In addition to its new, convenient functionalities, the APU 28 connect offers all the advantages of the APU 28 series: Durable components and materials enable long service lives, making the system ideal for unsupervised 24/7 continuous operation. A wide application spectrum – AOF, SPE-AOX, and AOX column method – allows users to react rapidly to changing analytical requirements. Automation is a decisive factor in efficiently designing a sample preparation process. The ideal partner for APU 28 equipment is the robust and reliable AOX analyzer multi X 2500, also made by Analytik Jena. Laboratories can set new efficiency standards in routine AOX analysis with this perfectly matched system combination. 


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