Whatman CHR Paper

Whatman CHR Paper

Product Details

Excellent for the following applications:

  • Semi-dry blotting
  • Tank blotting
  • Capillary blotting
  • Gel drying
  • Gel wicking
  • Chromatography

3MM Chr
The world’s most widely used blotting paper is a medium thickness paper (0.34 mm) with a flow rate (water) of 130 mm/30 min. Specifically produced and tested for chromatographic techniques to ensure wicking capability and uniform capillary flow. These characteristics are important for reproducible high-quality blotting results. Pure cellulose produced entirely from the highest quality cotton linters with no additives of any kind to ensure no contamination will occur during the transfer steps. This paper is available in convenient sizes as sheets precisely cut or as rolls for cutting individual length.

17 Chr
Thick (0.92 mm) and highly absorbent paper with a very high flow rate (water) of 190 mm/30 min. Suitable for preparative paper chromatography and electrophoresis applications such as gel wicking and blotting.

An extra-thick (1.5 mm), highly absorbent paper recommended for applications where fewer layers of blotting paper but high capacity are required. Fewer layers of blotting paper reduce the risk of trapping air bubbles. Recommended for semi-dry blotting of proteins.

Order Information

Order numberQuantityDescription
3MM Chr (0.34 mm thick)
846-B3030861*100 sheets/pack200 mm × 200 mm
846-B3030335*100 sheets/pack315 mm × 335 mm
846-B3030392*100 sheets/pack350 mm × 450 mm
846-B3030917*100 sheets/pack460 mm × 570 mm
846-B3030931100 sheets/pack580 mm × 680 mm
846-B3030614*1 roll20 mm × 100 m
846-B3030672*1 roll100 mm × 100 m
846-B3030681*1 roll150 mm × 100 m
846-B3030690*1 roll190 mm × 100 m
846-B3030700*1 roll230 mm × 100 m
846-B3030704*1 roll270 mm × 100 m
GB005 (1.5 mm thick)
846-B10426981*25 sheets/pack200 mm × 200 mm
846-B10426994*25 sheets/pack580 mm × 580 mm
17 Chr (0.92 mm thick)
846-B3017915*25 sheets/pack460 mm × 570 mm

* Please note that the product is discontinued. A sale is only possible while stocks last.

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