Web Seminar: TOC in Waste and Eluates

Content and goals of the Web Seminar

Duration: ~60 min
Language: English

Speaker: Bernd Bletzínger, Product Manager and Industry Team Leader Environment

Due to continuously rising quantities of produced waste worldwide, waste prevention, waste recycling, and environmentally sound disposal are becoming increasingly important. In order to properly recycle or dispose of waste, waste analysis is an essential requirement. Besides heavy metals and further toxic and eco-toxic components, waste analysis also focuses on total organic carbon content (TOC and DOC). 
According to waste legislations in many countries the content of organic waste compounds must be reduced below limit values before final disposal on landfills by means of mechanical-biological or thermal waste treatment. This is to minimize the release of toxic leachates into groundwaters and greenhouse gases like methane into the atmosphere from landfills.
This web seminar addresses existing regulations and standards for direct solids TOC analysis and DOC determination from waste eluates and landfill leachates. Suitable methods and solutions are presented for the highly automated analysis of inhomogeneous sample types and difficult sample matrices by our multi N/C and multi EA 4000 product range.