Challenges in the food and dairy industry Solutions for Molecular Biological analysis by Analytik Jena

Contents & goals of the web seminar

Duration: ~65 min
Language: English

Speaker: Melanie Jahn – Application Specialist real-time PCR  | Matthias Ludwig – Senior Application Specialist Solutions Life Science | Dr. Christine Gräfe – Product Manager Solutions Life Science

Food authenticity and safety are ever-current topics whose significance has increased with global trading routs and complex sourcing strategies. 

To both guarantee the food supply chain and to protect consumer interest’s, food testing and quality control are essential requirements. Current approaches include physical and chemical methods as well as microbiological and molecular biological methods. In comparison to traditional cultivation or immunoassays, molecular biology methods can get you more specific, cost-effective results in less time. The establishment of one workflow allows the analysis of food samples as varied as fruits, vegetables, meat, oils, beverages and many more. 

In this web seminar we will focus on molecular biological methods as key element of the food testing process. Applications in the field of dairy products will be in focus and based on detailed sample applications it will be shown that instruments by Analytik Jena reliably cover the complete workflow from sample to result. 

Key learning objectives are:

  • Introduction of molecular biology workflows from sample to result 

  • Advantages of molecular biology to traditional methods 

  • Exemplary real-time PCR-based analysis with focus in dairy products