E-Book: From Ore to Metal AAS | ICP-OES | ICP-MS

Contents of the e-book

Almost every naturally occurring metal is indispensable for modern technologies and our everyday lives. Except for precious metals, however, metals do not occur in pure form, but are bound in minerals and ores. In order to extract a pure metal, technically complex processes are necessary, and high-tech applications therefore also require high-purity raw materials. The analysis of raw ores, intermediate products and pure metals is therefore very important to ensure the economic efficiency of extraction and the quality of the end product. This e-book deals with the different steps in the process from ore to metal. The focus here is on the ICP-OES and ICP-MS techniques. However, elemental analysis by means of AAS is also used.Get to know different approaches, methods and technologies, which meet the different requirements in the value chain of the mining and metals industry and can be individually tailored to your application.

Analytik Jena accompanies you „from ore to metal“ and beyond.

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