Web Seminar: Overcoming Challenges of Analyzing High-Matrix Samples with ICP-OES Webcast in partnership with Spectroscopy

Content and goals of the Web Seminar

Duration: ~45 min
Language: English

Trace element analysis of mid-to high matrix samples is a major concern for many laboratories. The robust and sensitive analysis of samples like mining samples, high-purity metals, chemicals and petrochemicals or highly contaminated soils and industrial wastewater often requires a complex analysis process. In this webcast, Dr. Sebastian Wünscher, product manager ICP-OES at Analytik Jena, will present methods and ways to perform the analysis of high matrix samples in challenging applications by utilizing a high-resolution ICP-OES. Thanks to this technique it is possible to simplify the analysis process for a variety of applications while simultaneously increasing analytical performance.


  • Methods for interference-free analysis of high matrix samples
  • Application examples for selected chemical and petrochemical sample types
  • Technology overview and setup description for best analytical results

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