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Simply the Best in PCR

In the Analytik Jena thermal cycler portfolio, every user will find the right device: The Biometra product family offers PCR devices ranging from standard to premium equipment – all designed in line with the common principles of being reliable, convenient, and precise.

  • Designed for error-free use in versatile laboratory environments: universal block design and heating lid with High-Performance Smart Lid (HPSL) technology for unrestricted use of different plastic containers and plates
  • Easily optimize your PCR protocols using the Linear Gradient Function (LGT) or the TOS (Temperature Optimization Step) function
  • Full reliability of your results: The high-precision block temperature control system provides high heating and cooling rates and excellent temperature homogeneity for constant conditions across all sample positions.

Intelligent with detailed precision

Featuring top quality and detailed precision, Biometra thermal cyclers make your lab workday easier and ensure excellent results.

  • Self-explanatory, rapid operations with graphics and table programming options
  • Easy to use, thanks to the protocol wizard, and GLP-compliant through the advanced user management in the Biometra TAdvanced and Biometra TRIO systems
  • Whisper-quiet and small footprint: optimum air flow control ensures maximum performance in any laboratory
  • Continual information on the device’s status through the extended self-test

Biometra TAdvanced and TRIO – Product Animation

The Biometra TAdvanced is the high-performance thermal cycler for DNA amplification by PCR.

The Biometra TRIO is a triple powered thermal cycler for PCR providing three independent sample blocks which can run three different PCR reactions in parallel.

Standard Thermal Cyclers Technology Highlights

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Biometra Thermal Cycler Family Choose the optimal model for your needs

Biometra TOne

The PCR standard for your laboratory

The robust and easy-to-use thermal cycler well suited for the most common PCR applications: 96-well with optional 12-column gradient function. Fast pinpoint results can be gained, thanks to a high heating rate of 4 °C/s.


Biometra TAdvanced

State-of-the-art PCR technology

The flexible high-quality thermal cycler with the block quick-change system and 12 different block modules, blocks for 0.2 ml, 0.5 ml tubes/plates and 384-well plates. High heating rates of up to 6°C/s in aluminum blocks and up to 8°C/s in silver blocks can be achieved due to optimal temperature control. An extended user management offers individual user rights for up to 90 users.


Biometra TRIO

Three PCR devices in one

The Biometra TRIO is a unique PCR system that provides you with maximum flexibility, in which three different PCR protocols can run simultaneously.

Highly accurate block control and heating rates up to 5°C/s lead to highly specific and fast results. You can use the three sample blocks for 0.2 ml or 0.5 ml tubes/plates to amplify or incubate a large number of samples at the same time. Laboratories that often use new protocols benefit from this versatility. The professional user management is perfect for laboratories with a large number of users.


Biometra TRobot

The fully automated thermal cycler 

The powerful standard PCR system for integration into fully automated liquid handling and robotics systems, in 96-well or 384-well format. Equipped with a patented, motorized plate-lifter system, the plates can be easily changed automatically after the PCR run for trouble-free processes.


PCR Control App Easy and uncomplicated

In addition to simple programming directly on the device, Biometra thermal cyclers can be accessed through a network via smartphone or tablet. The PCR Control App also allows for the control and monitoring of devices outside of the laboratory, opening up completely new possibilities.

The iOS- and Android-compatible software has much to offer for the Biometra TOne, Biometra TAdvanced and Biometra TRIO:

  • Live monitoring of PCR runs
  • Starting and stopping runs
  • Saving and copying programs
  • Reading of parameters and notifications

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Biometra Thermal Cycler Brochure (English)

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Flyer Biometra TRobot - the thermal cycler, specifically designed for integration in robotic systems (english)

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