Technology Highlights for Automated PCR

  • Based on more than 30 years expertise in thermal cycler development
  • Optimal for automation: patent-pending Smart-Tune lid    
  • Unique solution for smooth plate removal

Smart Tune Lid concept

The unique arc-shaped opening movement has many advantages: In addition to a low instrument height, the sample block is completely accessible for the gripper from three sides. The vertical closing of the lid with software adjustable pressure on the sample plate ensures completely uniform conditions in all sample positions regardless of the height of the plate and sealing material. This feature ensures best reproducibility of results. The particularly robust and patent-pending single-motor mechanism is ideally designed for 24/7 use.

Smart release of plates

For a workflow without interruptions it is very important that the sample plate can be removed smoothly from the block. Since plates can get stuck on the block after long incubation at different temperatures, the Biometra TRobot II contains a patent-pending system with four small motor-driven plate lifters. When the lid is opened, they gently lift the plate out of the block and are then immediately recessed. This unique system is compatible with all full-skirted plates. A simple adapter frame is available for half-skirted plates.