Biometra Fastblot - The standard for qualitative and quantitative protein analysis

  • Fast and homogeneous transfer of proteins
  • Maximum transfer efficiency
  • Easy and fast setup

Product Details

Biometra Fastblot – Rapid and Efficient Blotting

Electro-blotting is a standard method to transfer proteins and nucleic acids from polyacrylamide gels to nitrocellulose or other carrier membranes. To enable you to achieve high-quality, publishable results with minimal effort, we at Analytik Jena have developed powerful Western Blot systems that are ideally suited to your needs.

Experience a new level of quality in terms of reproducible qualitative and quantitative protein analysis and reduce your transfer time to a minimum! The Biometra Semidry Blotter is equipped with high-quality plate electrodes made of titanium-coated platinum and stainless steel which create a homogeneous stress field that ensures a fast and homogeneous transfer of biomolecules to a carrier membrane. At the same time a uniform temperature distribution over the entire transfer area is guaranteed.

Heterogeneous protein mixtures with very different molecular weights or native proteins represents a special challenge. With the cooling option of the Fastblot B43 (connections for cooling water at the anode), excess heat can be dissipated efficiently and enables a reliable and gentle transfer of challenging samples even at high current levels.

  • Compact design and low buffer requirement
  • Corrosion-resistant plate electrodes made of platinum coated titanium and stainless steel
  • Realization of faster transfer times through effective cooling

Technical Data

 Rapid Semi-Dry Transfer
 Fastblot B43Fastblot B44
ElectrodeCathode: Stainless steel
Anode: Platinum-coated titanium
Cathode: Stainless steel
Anode: Platinum-coated titanium
Transfer time 10 - 30 min10 - 30 min
Capacity of device2 mini gels or 1 midi gel2 mini gels or 1 midi gel
Blotting area (W x D)16.0 x 20.0 cm16.0 x 20.0 cm
Transfer buffer requirement< 200 ml< 200 ml
Cooling optionYesNo
Max. flow rate0.5 - 1 l/min - 
Dimensions (W x D x H)26.0 x 22.0 x 11.0 cm24.0 x 22.0 x 11.0 cm
Electrode distanceDetermined by sandwich thicknessDetermined by sandwich thickness
Max. Voltage 50 V50 V
Max. Current 5 mA/cm²5 mA/cm²
Max. Power 10 W
(30 W for 30 min when cooled to 12 °C)
10 W
(20 W for 30 min)
Max. Operation Temperature 50 °C50 °C
Weight 2.5 kg 2.5 kg 
Power supplyP25/P25TP25/P25T


Order Information

Biometra Fastblot

Order numberItem
846-015-100Fastblot B43, anode: platinum-coated titanium, cathode: stainless steel, with flow-through cooling
846-015-200Fastblot B44, anode: platinum-coated titanium, cathode: stainless steel, without cooling


Order numberAccessories
846-B3030931Whatman 3MM Chr, 580 mm x 680 mm, 0.34 mm thick, 100/pkg
846-B3017915*Whatman 17Chr, 460 mm x 570 mm, 0.92 mm thick, 25/pkg
846-B10426981*Whatman GB005, 200 mm x 200 mm, 1.5 mm thick, 25/pkg

Accessoires Biometra Vacu-Blot**

Order number

846-053-002Rubber sheets (280 mm x 280 mm) for Vacu-Blot, 3 pieces
846-053-004Porous filter plate for Vacu-Blot
846-010-057Clips (1 set), 6 pieces
* Please note that the product is discontinued. A sale is only possible while stocks last.
**Vacu-Blot is discontinued. Accessories are yet available.

Order information on suitable power supplies and adapters can be found here.

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