UVP PCR² Cabinet & Workstation

  • 2 built-in shortwave (254 nm) UV tubes for decontamination between experiments
  • Timer sets UV exposure up to 12 h
  • Safety shut-off switch automatically turns the UV light off when door is opened

Product Details

  • Keylock prevents accidental exposure of samples to UV
  • Unique, easy-clean antimicrobial coating on the stainless steel and aluminum surfaces
  • Hinged door flips up for easy access to the work area
  • Built-in power outlets for operation of equipment inside the work area
  • Two shelves allow placement of small equipment
  • Makrolon® panels block UV below 400 nm
  • Different sizes: Cabinet or Workstation to meet each individual need

Makrolon® is a registered trademark of Bayer AG

Analytik Jena offers a complete line of PCR UV systems. PCR UV hoods use shortwave ultraviolet to control unwanted transfers of nucleic acids. The systems bring together UV irradiation, antimicrobial stainless steel and aluminum to create a dual-attack environment against PCR contaminations. UV PCR equipment brings together UV irradiation and antimicrobial stainless steel to create a dual-attack environment against PCR contamination. Choose from cabinet or workstation, whereby the cabinet features a smaller work area than the workstation.

Technical Data

Light sources

UV light

  • Two UV sources: chamber and UV/air circulator
  • 254 nm shortwave UV tubes

White light

Chamber white source


  • Cabinet: 4 UV tubes (8 W), 2 white light tubes (8 W)
  • Workstation: 2 UV tubes (25 W), 1 white light tube (15 W)

UV/air circulator

1 UV tube (8 W)

System parameters

Interior design

Antimicrobial coated stainless steel and aluminum

Exterior design

Aluminum powder coated

Door and side panel design

  • Makrolon® panels
  • Blocks UV under 400 nm


  • 5 – 60 min in steps of 5 min
  • 1 h – 12 h in steps of 15 min


  • 2 pieces made of antimicrobial coated aluminum
  • Cabinet: 222 x 102 mm
  • Workstation: 330 x 107 mm

Power outlets

  • 2 in Cabinet and 4 in Workstation
  • Inside the work area

Other technical data


Cabinet: approx. 40.8 kg
Workstation: approx. 46.7 kg

Exterior dimension
(W x D x H)

Cabinet: 544 x 610 x 729 mm
Workstation: 737 x 610 x 729 mm

Interior dimension
(W x D)

Cabinet: 500 x 544 mm
Workstation: 706 x 544 mm

Power supply

115 V / 230 V / 100 V
60 Hz / 50 Hz / 50/60 Hz

Safety shut off

Automatic turn off of ultraviolet light when door is open

Order Information

Order numberDescription
95-0436-01   (US)
849-00001-4 (EU)
UVP PCR2 Cabinet, 115 V US
95-0436-02   (US)
849-00001-2 (EU)
UVP PCR2 Cabinet, 230 V UK
95-0436-03   (US)
849-00001-5 (EU)
UVP PCR2 Cabinet, 100 V US
95-0436-04   (US)
849-00001-3 (EU)
UVP PCR2 Cabinet, 230 V EU

UVP UV cabinet, including 2 power outlets, 2 small shelves, UV timer, 2 UV light sources and a white light source

  • Exterior dimensions (H x W x D): 729 x 544 x 610 mm
  • Interior dimensions (W x D): 500 x 544 mm
95-0439-01   (US)
849-00005-4 (EU)
UVP PCR2 Workstation, 115 V US
95-0439-02   (US)
849-00005-2 (EU)
UVP PCR2 Workstation, 230 V UK
95-0439-03   (US)
849-00005-5 (EU)
UVP PCR2 Workstation, 100 V US
95-0439-04   (US)
849-00005-3 (EU)
UVP PCR2 Workstation, 230 V EU

UVP UV Workstation, including 4 power outlets, 2 shelves, UV timer, 2 UV light sources and a white light source

  • Exterior dimensions (H x W x D): 729 x 737 x 610 mm
  • Interior dimensions (W x D): 706 x 544 mm
98-0077-01PCR Work Table


HEPA filter


Carbon filter


Shelf, small (Cabinet)

20-0970-01Shelf, long (Workstation)


UV Lamp, 254 nm, 25 W (Workstation Only)



Manual UVP PCR3 Cabinets/Workstations

Open PDF

Brochure PCR Cabinet and Workstation

Open PDF

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