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PhyNexus PhyTip columns for CyBio FeliX

PhyNexus 1000 μL PhyTip columns have been designed and validated for the Analytik Jena CyBio FeliX robot.

PhyNexus PhyTip columns

PhyNexus 1000 μL PhyTip columns have been designed and validated for use on the Analytik Jena CyBio FeliX robot. Analytik-Jena can provide an optimized and validated protocol for easy and quick implementation.  PhyNexus PhyTip columns used with the proprietary Dual Flow Chromatography provide complete antibody binding for highly concentrated sample recovery from small samples.

PhyNexus provides a host of solutions, all compatible with the Analytik Jena CyBio FeliX system, delivering 96-channel, high throughput solutions, including:

Select your PhyNexus PhyTip columns

To select the correct PhyNexus PhyTip columns for your application visit the PhyNexus webpage. On the webpage you will be able to select your resin, robotic system, tip and resin volume and see the results in an organized table.

PhyNexus PhyTip Webpage

Automated Pipette Robot - CyBio FeliX

Is time of the essence? Is your laboratory space limited? Would you like to save on costs? Then we have the pipetting platform for you. Optimize your work processes with CyBio FeliX, a liquid handling system adaptable to your requirements. CyBio FeliX is a flexible pipetting platform for fully automated single- to multichannel liquid handling tasks.

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