innuMIX qPCR DSGreen Standard

innuMIX qPCR DSGreen Standard

Optimal for real-time PCR with an intercalating fluorophore

Product Details

  • Concentration: 2x MasterMix
  • High-fidelity combined with improved specificity of Hot-Start DNA Polymerase
  • Includes high quality dNTP's in 2x Formation
  • Very high specificity and PCR efficiency
  • Non-PCR inhibiting intercalating dye
  • The MasterMix is compatible with most real-time PCR instruments - standard and fast cycling conditions
  • Perfectly suitable for crude samples (e.g.blood samples)

The innuMIX qPCR DSGreen Standard is one of the best choice products for fast and highly reproducible real-time PCR and has been validated on commonly used real-time PCR instruments with NO-ROX requirements. It contains all reagents required for real-time PCR and is designed to achieve excellent results in reaction efficiency and slope.

Order Information

Order numberDescription
845-AS-1320100100 reactions
845-AS-1320200200 reactions
845-AS-1320500500 reactions


Manual innuMIX qPCR DSGreen Standard

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